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Gilbert O’Sullivan in Concert – Just Gilbert



Friday 10 August 2018 at 7.30 pm
As creative now as he has ever been across a glittering career, the past few years have seen Gilbert O’Sullivan play live shows across the UK with his band, full orchestral performances in his native Ireland and explore Latin music. The iconic songwriter has continued to look to the future while his famous back catalogue has, as ever, won him the respect and adoration of fellow musicians and audiences all over the world. To coincide with his latest, formidable self-titled album, due for release on the day he performs at the Landmark, Gilbert will be performing three rare solo concerts (this is the only London date) that will see him present new songs alongside classics such as ‘Alone Again (Naturally’), ‘Nothing Rhymed’ and ‘Clair’ in an intimate, acoustic setting.
Tickets £24

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