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Kirkaldy Testing Museum



Entirely based around a single machine, the Kirkaldy Testing Museum is one of the more unusual museums situated in London.

So what’s the focus of the place? Well, it’s about a machine made to test the strength of bridge and building components by the 19th century engineer David Kirkaldy. It uses its tests to work out the strength of everything from steel to concrete, as well as the point at which said components fail under pressure.

Some of its uses have included figuring out why the first Tay railway bridge failed and for testing parts used in the Eads Bridge (across the Mississippi River in the US) and Skylon Tower (which was part of the Festival of Britain at one point).

All in all, it’s an fascinating little museum for anyone interested in engineering, and is very much somewhere those willing to go off the beaten track will likely enjoy.

The museum is only open on the following dates:

It’s open on these days from 10am to 4pm and is entirely free to enter.

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