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Paul Kenton Capital Impressions



With inspiration from New York to London to Paris, artist Paul Kenton has embarked on a new adventure, creating 35 original pieces for a major exhibition – Capital Impressions. This new body of work explores the sights, views and moods of some of the world’s most iconic cities which will go on display in Mayfair’s Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street for one month only from Thursday 6th March.

The new collection sees Kenton push his boundaries in both composition and subject matter, breathing new life into familiar scenes, delivering his take on previously unexplored landscapes. Whilst Kenton excels in representing the vibrancy of contemporary cities, there is a hint of nostalgia in these new scenes, with a nod to the industrial heritage from which so many were born.

Capital Impressions is unlike any other collection previously seen by the artist but it retains his signature style that includes the drips and lashings of black paint that give his pieces passion and movement. These new works also see the artist experiment with oil sticks, which were mixed on the canvas by hand, allowing us to witness an evolution in style.

Over the years, Kenton has honed and developed the impressionistic feel of his art – whilst sometimes his subject matter has verged on the abstract, the accurate depiction of light has always been at the heart of his creations, which can be seen in the series of Piccadilly paintings offered up in this collection. The same location is transformed as Kenton re-imagines the environment with his robust and adept use of light, conjuring a different mood, reaction or narrative.

Paul Kenton, who states Monet as one of his earliest inspirations, said: “I love to capture the mood and spirit of a scene, adding layers of depth and expression which just can’t be captured in a straight pictorial study, almost like a short film, or series of photos which capture as much detail of a scene as possible. The sights, sounds, movement, light, tastes, and even smells which combine to create the big picture, this is what I’m looking for, and what I strive to achieve within my work.”

Helen Roden, Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street’s gallery manager, added: “Capital Impressions invites you to explore a new series of works by contemporary artist Paul Kenton as he takes us on a journey through his creative process. We’re looking forward to exhibiting the collection at Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street and sharing these works with not just fans of Paul’s work but people who love the world’s landmarks.”

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